S, ACT. June 2012

“Jenny showed me hope when I was hopeless and did not know what to do. She is very caring and she does her work from the heart. From release of a family member from jail to making the decision on whether to do a surgery or not. I have had three readings so far and now she is more like a friend than a psychic to me. After a reading you feel more strong and certain about things. She tells you what she hears from the other side as well as her thoughts. Thank you so much for giving me guidance. And God bless you Jenny.”

David Johnson, ACT. 7 July 2012

“Jenny gave me a spiritual healing recently to assist me with continuing problems with my physical stability, vision and brain functioning (memory) that had been giving me problems for several months, since a mild stroke. I had had a number of healings over previous weeks with others, though generally they had only been effective for 2 or 3 days. After Jenny’s healing my head was remarkably clear for over a week, which was a great relief for me and helped me to get my daily life back in to some sort of order. That help was invaluable to me.”

Jann, ACT. 4 May 2013

“Jenny, thank you so much for your guidance, your patience, your experience. I was not in a good place when we first met but after only a few sessions with you I have been able to find my inner soul, who I really am and I am a changed person. Words cannot describe how happy and enlivened I feel. You are truly a miracle worker. Keep up the fabulous work.”

Charne, ACT. 9 July 2014

“I had a physical problem with my throat and chest area of a pressure building up giving me the urge to cough to release it. I had this problem for so many months I’m not sure when it started. After the first healing session of my throat chakra I found that it only took a few days and the problem disappeared. The healing session was many weeks ago and I have not had the problem return. The relief is simply amazing. Thank you.”

Megan Harris, South Coast N.S.W. 21 October 2014

“I wish to say a big thanks for the comfort you gave to me during my reading last weekend. From your first comment to my last tear, everything was relevant. I felt compelled to tell you that, that night in my sleep I had a vivid conversation /connection with my departed husband that left me feeling at peace. Hopefully you will come back to our centre one day as I would love to talk to you again. Blessings.”

Kalwant Gill, United Kingdom. 18 January 2015

“Your email reading was like someone had shot an arrow right into my core…. it’s like you have seen the very core of my being and it’s had a huge impact!

Your words hit me right where I needed to look. It’s deep work and the healing has started thanks to you. Thankyou love. Honestly, deep, deep gratitude to you and your guides.

Your gift of insight is something I treasure and I’m still vibrating from its impact. I know many channellers but none have even touched the surface.”

Vicki Waters, Australia 4 July 2021

Vicki Waters


“Jenny is truly gifted when it comes to her mediumship and psychic abilities. I have had a number of readings from Jenny and her connection with spirit is amazing. I have received support and guidance from loved ones who have passed on each occasion.

The comfort this provides in my everyday life is a blessing straight from heaven. I have also received clarity during times of confusion and uncertainty. Jenny’s caring and empathic nature makes every reading an absolute pleasure. I will definitely continue to get readings from Jenny in the future.