Developing your spiritual connection

Jenny is a professional member of The International Psychics Association and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

She has also had many years experience in her craft, using her inherent spiritual gifts to guide, heal and teach others.

Jenny offers her services to anyone seeking spiritual relief and growth on their unique spiritual journey in this lifetime.

Jenny and Carrie De Block Facilitating a Workshop

Development Classes and Mentoring

  • Weekly beginners psychic and mediumship development classes
  • Fortnightly development circles
  • Mediumship Workshops
  • Living a Spiritually Guided Life Workshops
  • One on one spiritual mentoring

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Small Group Bookings

(Psychic Parties)

    • Invite a group of friends to your home for a fun and informative time with your spirit guides.
    • Also a great idea for baby showers, hen’s parties, etc.
    • Private sessions included for all.

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(available privately, by phone or skype)

    • Intuitive Readings
    • Mediumship Readings, Connection with Departed Loved Ones
    • Platform Mediumship Demonstrations
    • Past, Present, Future Insights
    • Psychometry (Psychic Touch) Readings
    • Photograph Readings
    • Tea Leaf Readings
    • House Clearings
    • Identify Your Spirit Guides/Helpers, Past Lives
    • Crystal Guidance

     Pet mediumship (readings)

    • Connecting you with your beloved fur animal that has crossed over to the other side of life.
    • Our dearly loved and greatly missed pets are eager to come through in a reading to comfort and reassure their former owner… validate their continuation of presence after passing.
    • This beautiful reconnection of unconditional love with our cherished pets often provides a soothing balm for the heart.


    • Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher
    • Experienced Spiritual Healer
    • Certified Theta Healer
    • Aura diagnosis, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing
    • Aromatouch technique – combines energy healing with drop-dosed therapeutic oils
    • Inner child


DISCLAIMER: And, while I may have been recognized by many clients and my professional association as having integrity and honesty as a practitioner, as I understand the law, I need to also inform you that, my services that involve discussion and work of an intuitive nature are intended for entertainment purposes only. Any advice provided by me does not constitute medical or legal advice which should be sought from a qualified medical or legal professional. Those seeking medical, financial, or legal advice should consult qualified professionals. Persons under 18 may not participate in this service. I make no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to: the accuracy, relevancy, or quality of information and do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any person or entity for any loss or damages (including, without limitation, physical, mental, special, indirect, incidental or consequential) caused in regard to any information and/or any suggestion (s) or advice provided to you through this site/service by anyone, or as a result of your use of this site/service, regardless of whether resulting from negligence, accident, or any other cause whatsoever. In no event shall Jenny Martin be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with advice provided by any of the psychic advisors and/or material derived from this web site. Any discussions pertaining to medical or legal matters are for general information purposes only.