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Jenny has been so inspired on her journey that it became a natural transition to leave behind a corporate career and fully embrace what she now knows for certain is her life purpose.

Jenny hopes you find her site helpful and looks forward to hearing from you or meeting at one of her events.

Much love, light and warm blessings,



Jenny has been studying in the field for many years and trained with some amazing teachers in Australia and overseas, some of which are world renowned including Tony Stockwell, Lynn Probert, Christine Morgan, Ezio De Angelis, Colin Bates, Matthew Smith, Mavis Pitilla, and Sharon Harvey.

In 2015, Jenny was fortunate to have studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, U.K (the world’s foremost college of metaphysical science).

Jenny is a certified member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and a professional member of the International Psychics Association (IPA).

Jenny also enjoys working with the gentle and unconditionally loving Angelic realm.


Jenny has been facilitating Psychic and Medium Development Classes and Workshops since 2013. Her greatest passion is to share the knowledge she has gained over the years.

She has a down to earth approach to teaching and endeavours to pass on her passion for mediumship to her students in a practical and hands on way. It is important to find the right tools for each individual and to help them have fun whilst developing their own abilities and subsequently their individual and unique techniques.

It is a joy to work with the Spirit World and through her teaching she hopes to bring much celebration and enjoyment to all.

She says, “It is an honour to be part of the spiritual journey of others and I feel truly privileged to be able to help others stand in their own power, build confidence within their own gift and work with the Spirit world”.


Theta Healing

As a Certified basic Theta Healer Jenny identifies the subconscious beliefs underlying issues and repeating negative patterns in your life, be it problems with relationships, career, finances or health. Using a meditative process to enter into a theta brainwave (the state used to change the subconscious mind) she works on reprogramming limiting beliefs to create a different reality for the client. You’ll be asked a series of questions to uncover what’s at the root of your issues. We then work on changing the unconscious beliefs and ‘downloading’ alternative beliefs and teaching the feelings around them.

Spiritual Healing

Jenny is a trained healing medium. Calling on spirit healers on the other side of life, healing is channelled from the Spirit world. Spirit healing is generated to you the client, for you to use in accordance with your own life path and can be miraculous or it can just give strength and peace to help cope with your condition.


Mediumship Readings

As a natural born Medium, Jenny endeavours to provide evidence of survival of your loved ones and friends who have passed over to the other side……to know that they are still with you and watching over you always.

Many of us have experienced that there is no deeper pain than losing someone we love dearly.

In her work Jenny aims to bring healing, comfort, solace and peace with the heartfelt messages and validations she gives. There is no greater love than connecting the two worlds together and knowing that love never dies.

Providing evidence of the continuity of life can assist greatly with the grieving process and to help with this is something Jenny considers to be a privilege and a great honour. Having integrity, respect, being ethical and truthful are the values underpinning all of her work.

Jenny provides private readings, workshops, classes and public demonstrations in her aim to help provide evidence that our loved ones are never far away and they have not gone forever.


Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is where Jenny will work with Oracle and Angel Cards and by ‘tuning’ into each person’s energy will work with them to see where they are currently on their life path and work with them to help them find their truth.

Our own intuition often speaks quietly to us, encouraging us to lead our best life. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we may find it difficult to hear or trust this inner knowing. Sometimes we need someone to validate what we know inside is true or to act as our mirror.

Information and guidance is provided along the way to help you gain clarity and insight, enabling you to make your own decisions and choices on what you want for yourself. It will also help you to identify and unblock anything that is preventing you from moving forward.

Readings are carried out in a calm and relaxed environment to enable you to feel at ease and ensure that your time is uplifting, rewarding and memorable.