Jenny Martin

“A Day of Mediumship” with jenny martin



Jenny Martin is an internationally trained and well respected Psychic Medium with over twelve years experience in the industry conducting readings, healings and stage demonstrations locally in the Canberra region and at Expos & Festivals across Australia.

Join Jenny for a one day practical workshop designed to strengthen mediumistic development and enhance inner confidence to help you unfold your potential as a medium.

The focus will be on gaining and building the trust in your mediumship and trust in self.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Recognize the difference between information received from the psychic faculty and the spirit world and work in both aspects.
  • Explore your own gift and strengthen your abilities to blend with spirit.
  • Understand the mechanics of mediumship.
  • Enter the stillness within, sitting for the power of the spirit.
  • Practice one on one readings, understand how to establish and maintain a link with a contact, and much more.
  • Join in on some group activities to deepen your connection.
  • Learn more about the development circle, different types of mediumship, raising your vibration, the path of the medium, and much more.

Investment: $140

Includes morning and afternoon tea.

Mobile: 0414 393 571
Full payment required at time of booking
(Non refundable)